EuroTrak is the largest comparative multi-country study on hearing loss and hearing aid usage.

Initiated by EHIMA in 2009, EuroTrak was designed as a means for raising public awareness on key issues of hearing loss and hearing care. It sheds light on hearing loss prevalence as well as on the use of hearing aids and the experience of hard of hearing people with their hearing instruments. Today, Trak-surveys cover a wide range of countries across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Repeating a national survey every three years allows to identify trends across time and borders.

EuroTrak is designed as an online panel study, based on self-reported hearing loss of the participants. It is carried out by the market research institute ANOVUM on behalf of EHIMA. The questionnaire is designed to be compatible with U.S. MarkeTrak to secure cross continent comparison.

MarkeTrak (USA)

Since 1989, the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) has been collecting data on the estimated incidence of hearing loss within the U.S., household income and education related to hearing aid use, satisfaction with hearing instruments, new user rates by age, mental and physical health effects of hearing loss, and many others. Every three to four years, HIA commissions a detailed survey with comprehensive findings on these topics. Publicly available articles that include highlights from each MarkeTrak report are found here.

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