Hearing aid sales

Hearing aid sales hit by pandemic in 2020. Demand for hearing care remains unbroken.

Hearing aid sales declined in the first year of the pandemic, according to EHIMA’s annual global sales numbers. In 2020, the members of EHIMA, who are the world’s largest and leading hearing instrument manufacturers, sold 14.12 million hearing aids in total. Compared to the previous year, sales fell by 17.2 percent, an unprecedented first after years of continued growth. The numbers reflect net wholesale unit numbers sold by manufacturers to dispensers.

“Like most parts of society and business, the hearing aid industry was impacted by the pandemic. The hearing care market depends on close customer contact, which was often not possible or required special measures in the clinics and the audiology shops. Despite these challenges, EHIMA members did everything possible to meet the high demand for timely professional hearing care. Thanks to product innovation and the dedication of all employees working for the EHIMA companies, we have been and will continue to be able to successfully manage the impact of the pandemic on the industry”, says EHIMA President Eric Bernard.

Global Unit Sales:
2020 14.123 million (-17.2%)
2019 17.058 million (+6.4%)
2018 16.035 million (+6.5%)
2017 15.054 million (+5.7%)

EHIMA expects that awareness of hearing care will continue to increase in the coming years as the world’s population grows and ages and as more and more people become aware of the correlation of hearing loss and critical health conditions. With hearing aids and hearing implants, EHIMA members offer high-quality and cost-effective solutions that help people living with hearing loss to reduce these risks, stay independent and to fully participate in society, well into older age. EHIMA believes that the highest quality of hearing care is achieved when users are free to choose their hearing care provider and personally invest in their treatment.

Key Facts on Hearing Loss:

  • 1 in 10 of the total EU population states a hearing loss.*
  • Only 1 in 3 of the hard of hearing people uses hearing instruments.*
  • Untreated hearing loss costs EU28 each year 185 billion €.**
  • Hearing instruments help to reduce these costs.**
    Source: *EuroTrak; **Bridget Shield (2019): Hearing Loss –Numbers and Costs, Brunel University London.