Hearing aid sales

Hearing aid adoption increases

More and more hard of hearing people benefit from hearing aids, according to EHIMA’s annual global unit sales numbers. In 2019, EHIMA-members who are the world’s largest and leading instrument manufacturers sold 17.058 million hearing aids in total. In comparison with the previous year, sales grew by 6.4%. The numbers reflect net wholesale unit numbers sold by manufacturers to dispensers.

“Hearing aids reduce health risks of people with a hearing loss and increase their quality of life. EuroTrak data proves: Since more and more people become aware of the overall health benefits of hearing aids, the share of untreated hearing loss decreases. However, there is still a need to raise public awareness about the consequences of untreated hearing loss. For this reason, EHIMA supports Hear-it.org, the world’s largest information platform on hearing loss and hearing treatment,” says Stefan Zimmer, EHIMA Secretary General.

Global Unit Sales:
2019 17.058 million (+6.4%)
2018 16.035 million (+6.5%)
2017 15.054 million (+5.7%)

With hearing aids, the EHIMA members offer a high-quality and cost-effective solution that helps to reduce the economic and social costs of untreated hearing loss. EHIMA believes that the highest quality of hearing care is achieved when users are free to choose their hearing care provider and personally invest in their treatment.

Key Facts on Hearing Loss:

  • 1 in 10 of the total EU population states a hearing loss.*
  • Only 1 in 3 of the hard of hearing people useshearing instruments.*
  • Untreated hearing loss costs EU28 each year 185 billion €.**
  • Hearing instruments help to reduce these costs.**
    Source: *EuroTrak; **Bridget Shield (2019): Hearing Loss –Numbers and Costs, Brunel University London.